Wellsite Consulting

Wellsite Geology
The result of years of experience; Wellsite Geology consultants who understand difficult well conditions and can coordinate sophisticated formation evaluation services. We provide :

• Mudlogging supervision and quality control.

• Evaluation of Drill Cuttings, Sidewall Cores and Conventional Cores.
• Hydrocarbon Show Evaluation.

• Selection of Coring and Casing Points.

• Preparation of Mudlogs, Lithlogs, Pore Pressure Logs, Gas Ratio Logs, Core Logs.

• Pore Pressure Evaluation using Wireline Logs, Dxc, Hole Behaviour etc.
• Correlation with Offset Wells and Regional Geology.

• Expertise in the following environments: Oil-Based Mud, Air-Foam Systems, HTHP, H2S.

• Recommendations to the Drilling Team, contributing to a safe, cost-effective drilling operation.