Flammable Gas Detection

ECS provides modern semiconductors sensing devices and electronic components-high quality Gas monitoring instruments and Analyzers for automatic detection, measurement and registration of hydrocarbons, non-toxic or toxic, non-explosive or explosive dangerous gases.

ECS systems are in use in n/offshore exploration and production wells, mining locations for all industries wherever gases are measured and controlled.

Flammable Gas Systems Covers the Following:

  • ATEX transmitters designed for the detection of Methane, LPG or petrol vapours.
  • 4, 8 and 16 Zone Alarming Panels (Wall mounted and 19″ Housing Available)
  • Solar Powered Systems are available upon request

ECS Also provides the facility for Real-time Monitoring for Remote areas such as field sites which eliminates the risk of safety of personnel involved in operations in hazardous atmospheres.