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Drilling Rig Data Acquisition & Measurements Systems

Rig View is a complete data acquisition system designed specially for drilling rigs ,it is composed of both the necessary software and hardware to acquire all the important parameters and data during drilling.
The Hardware
The Rig View™ system is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology of sensors and hardware required to acquire the necessary data during drilling ,parameters recorded including the following:
-Hook Load
-Weight on Bit
-Stand Pipe Pressure
-Casing Pressure
-Pump Strokes
-Pump Strokes/Min
-Mud Pit Levels
-Mud Flow In
-Mud Flow Out
-Rotary Torque
-Rotary RPM
2S Toxic Gas Levels
-LEL Levels
-Mud Temperature In & Out
-Mud Weight In & Out
All of these parameters are designed to be acquired under the client’s request and any unlisted data can be obtained also upon the client’s request.
The Software
The Rig View™ Software is an easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface ,controlled through both Touch & Ordinary Monitors ,Multiple monitors in multiple locations is an option.
It is very flexible & customizable to suite the need of every drilling rig and all drilling conditions.
Database connectivity is also an option as well as a database server to transmit drilling data through the web to the client’s base or office.