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Drilling Rig Systems

The Hardware

The latest cutting-edge technology of sensors and hardware required to acquire the necessary data during drilling are all installed into a simple user interface. The parameters which are recorded include the following:
  • Hook Load
  • Weight on Bit
  • Stand Pipe Pressure
  • Casing Pressure
  • Pump Strokes
  • Pump Strokes/Min
  • Mud Pit Levels
  • Mud Flow In
  • Mud Flow Out
  • Rotary Torque
  • Rotary RPM
  • H2S Toxic Gas Levels
  • LEL Levels
  • Mud Temperature In & Out
  • Mud Weight In & Out

The Software – Drill Master

Drill Master is a complete data acquisition system interacting to produce comprehensive multi-drilling services; it is composed of the necessary software and hardware to acquire all the essential parameters and data during drilling. Its use in data analysis, by recording and visualizing key parameters to help expand rig site surface logging, opens up areas to new business opportunities.

All parameters and unlisted data can be obtained at the client’s request.

Drill Master Viewer

The data presentation layer is responsible for data display (real-time or history playback), monitoring, and alarms.
It is enhanced with a comprehensive suite of tools that make data monitoring remarkably quick & easy, such as numerical display, charts, tables & gauges.
They are provided with powerful dynamic charting features.
Ultimate customization & flexibility to change any parameter or unit in run time by only right click

Real-time Database Connection

An optional database server and connectivity can transmit drilling data to the client’s base or office through the web.