Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer

ECS Gas Finder HC1

Based on FID (Flame Ionization Detector) technology the ECS Gas Finder is a very precise instrument detecting Hydrocarbon Gas Content as little as 5 ppm.

Readings are displayed continuously displayed on the front LCD screen with the possibility of multiple analog outputs to be integrated with any data acquisition system.

Detector Type: Flame Ionization Detector FID

Units of Measurement: PPM or % vol. (Methane equivalent units)

Range: 0.005-100% vol.


  • Methane Detection
  • Hydrocarbon Detection
  • Flammable Gas Detection
  • Mining Applications
  • Oil & Gas Drilling Operations
  • Bio gas Detection

Optional Associated Instruments:

  • Gas Suction Unit
  • Oil-less Air Compressor
  • Hydrogen Generator