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Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer

ECS Gas Finder HC1

Based on FID (Flame Ionization Detector) technology, the ECS Gas Finder is an exact instrument detecting Hydrocarbon Gas Content of as little as 5 ppm.

Readings are displayed continuously on the front LCD screen with the possibility of multiple analogue outputs being integrated with any data acquisition system.

Detector Type: Flame Ionization Detector FID
Units of Measurement: PPM or % vol. (Methane equivalent units)
Range: 0.005-100% vol.


  • Methane Detection
  • Hydrocarbon Detection
  • Flammable Gas Detection
  • Mining Applications
  • Oil & Gas Drilling Operations
  • Biogas Detection

Optional Associated Instruments:

  • Gas Suction Unit
  • Oil-less Air Compressor
  • Hydrogen Generator